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Meeting the challenges of speed

Presenter: Isabel DiVanna, Director, Commercial and Customer Experience, RenewableUK.

The wind industry has proved that it can scale up – in the UK and globally – to meet demand and become the primary source of energy generation. How can it do it at the required speed to meet net decarbonisation targets, is another question. We will explore what companies and government are doing in the UK to reconfigure the rule book and accelerate net zero.

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Oceans powering the energy transition

Presenter: Lotta Pirttimaa, Policy and Project Officer, Ocean Energy Europe

The oceans are the world’s largest untapped source of renewable energy. Tides and waves have the potential to provide 10 per cent of Europe’s current electricity consumption by 2050, creating 400,000 jobs. Predictable and flexible ocean energy will be needed to complement variable wind and solar energy. Led by European companies, ocean energy is all set to become a new European industry that will help deliver the global energy transition. This presentation will explain why ocean energy is the next big thing in energy – and how to unleash the power of oceans.

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The bedrock of the energy transition

Presenter: Thomas Garabetian, Senior Policy Advisor, European Geothermal Energy Council

Geothermal energy currently covers the needs of 20% of European citizens' via district heating and cooling. It is a versatile renewable energy source that can be deployed at any scale for many uses from space heating to industrial process heat, but also for supplying flexible renewable electricity or even produce strategic minerals such as lithium. As the EU and many other countries are undergoing a rapid intensification of their energy transition policies, geothermal energy is increasingly recognized as the missing piece of many energy and climate plans.

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Electrifying Europe with wind energy

Presenter: Christroph Zipf - Press and Communications Manager, WindEurope

Today wind energy is 16 per cent of Europe’s electricity. According to the European Commission’s Green Deal vision of climate neutrality by 2050, wind energy will become the building block of Europe’s future energy system. Over the next 30 years this energy system is going to undergo fundamental changes. Renewables-based electrification of sectors and applications that today rely on fossil fuels will increase the demand for wind energy. The presentation will provide an outlook on future volumes, the energy system in 2050 and the obstacles on the way to large-scale electrification of Europe’s economies.

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