A backbone for the future power grid


As consumers begin to focus more on future renewable and clean energy, the smart technology industry is now turning its attention to developing the power grid. HomeGrid Forum is an industry alliance which was formed to support the development and deployment of a unified and standardised technology called G.hn (Gigabit Home Networking), that can use […]

The complexities of managing critical infrastructure in a smart grid


Wolf Ketter, professor of information systems for sustainability, at the University of Cologne and energy policy adviser to the German Government, looks at the ongoing challenges of maintaining a stable and reliable grid within the energy transition. To understand the challenges that electricity grid operators face during the energy transition, we need to look at […]

Developing innovative active network management


Connected Energy Solutions spoke to Dr. Christian Chudoba, CEO of Lumenaza, a German software company about powering the green distributed energy world and how the development of PV and battery communities present the ideal opportunity for trying out innovative demand-side response features, such as loading batteries at negative energy exchange prices. These principles will enable […]

Asset Management: Drone technology facilitates inspections of hard-to-access areas


Drones are gaining in popularity for inspecting power assets. One company that is moving ahead with deployment is Vattenfall. The humming of small rotors will be heard more often in the future in maintenance work and inspections in Vattenfall’s various operations. Drones can simplify these tasks and reduce the risk of occupational injuries, for example, […]

Distributed Generation: Managing the flow


The advent of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) has strained the traditional way of doing things across the electric grid. To maintain grid stability, transmission and distribution operators are looking to orchestration technology. Every legacy power engineering paradigm is now being turned upside down. Power used to flow from bulk generation at the transmission level down […]

Keep the power flowing during Lockdown


Operating a distribution network during a pandemic provides a myriad of challenges and threats for grid operators. Overnight, COVID-19 lockdowns have transformed our economies and societies. Factories are quiet, shops are shuttered, offices are empty as people stay at home to stop the spread. The IEA’s most recent report reveals that global electricity demand dropped […]

Residential demand response: Pilot to profitability


Residential demand response (DR) is an emerging market in Europe, with an estimated 1.3GW of assets already contracted today. France accounts for much of this success, with the leading provider Voltalis boasting 900MW, while the Nordics, the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland trail behind. By 2030, almost half of all vehicles sold in Europe are expected […]

Network Digital Twin


Michael DiBlasi, global digital product manager – Mobility, Avnaesh Jayantilal, ADMS product director and Jennifer Reeves, principal digital product director at GE Digital give us their vision for the control room of the future. As our energy needs and technologies evolve, smarter grid management is becoming a priority for electric utilities. With increasing penetration of […]

Causes of information inconsistencies in smart distribution grids


The ongoing digitalisation of the power distribution grid will improve the operational support and automation that is believed to increase the system reliability. However, in an integrated and interdependent cyber-physical system, new threats appear which must be understood and dealt with. The integrated Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Power Grid (PG) system is defined […]

How AI is triaging service calls


Joe Kenny, vice president global customer success for field service management company, ServiceMax, explains why artificial intelligence is better at service calls than humans are. Busier roads, increasing competition, higher customer expectations, and rising costs are today all converging in a big bang moment demanding change. For service teams, this moment will either destroy a […]

Building a grid fit for electric vehicles


David Hall, VP power systems UK & Ireland at Schneider Electric explains how utilities can support the adoption of electric transport. Encouraging more people to adopt electric vehicles is at the heart of the government’s efforts to tackle climate change. That is because transport accounts for 23 per cent of the UK’s CO2 emissions, according to calculations by the […]

Transformer safety is paramount, but are we acting on it?


Barry Menzies, managing director, MIDEL explains that when it comes to transformers lowering risk is important but remedial actions are not being implemented. From the inconvenient to the catastrophic, a transformer failure can mean anything from a slight glitch, to months of business disruption. And those businesses with transformers insulated by mineral oil are particularly […]

The importance of DERMS in the renewables transition


Alan Gooding, executive director, Smarter Grid Solutions explains that while our lives may have been turned upside down as a result of the COVID crisis, two things remains the same – the wind continues to blow, and the sun continues to shine. Since the Coronavirus outbreak, electricity demand has reduced by 10-15 per cent across […]