The beginners guide to the carbon markets

Peter Miles, CEO of eHempHouse, provides a short guide to carbon markets, and what steps should be taken at COP26 to ensure greater transparency and accountability.   Throughout COP26 you’ll probably hear people use the term ‘carbon markets’. What does it mean and why does it matter so much?   Most People are now aware of the disastrous consequences of […]

Leading financial institutions commit to actively tackle deforestation 


More than 30 leading financial institutions, collectively with over US$ 8.7 trillion in assets under management (including Aviva Plc, Storebrand Asset Management, Generation Investment  Management, JGP Asset Management, NEI Investments, Impax Asset Management, Church  Commissioners for England and Boston Common Asset Management) have committed to tackle agricultural commodity-driven deforestation as part of broader efforts to drive the global shift […]

Watershed private sector commitment for climate finance

Mark Carney, the UN special envoy for climate action and finance, assembled the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero, a group of bankers, insurers and investors who now have committed to put climate change at the centre of their work.  But what exactly does this deal mean?  “The core message today is that the money […]