UN director urges greater effort from built environment sector


In yesterday’s sessions Inger Andersen, under-secretary-general of the United Nations and executive director of the UN Environment Programme, called on delegates to address the massive climate impact of the built environment while questioning whether current pledges are sufficient. “Over the last year, ‘build back better’ became something of a refrain as many have called for a sustainable recovery from the pandemic,” she said.  “There is a simpler message […]

Hydrogen heating – hype or hope?  


Current debates around the role of hydrogen in decarbonising the heating sector ignore some important factors, argues Alix Chambris, vice-president of global public affairs and sustainability at Viessmann.  Decarbonising the built environment poses major challenges around generating, storing and transporting energy. To meet our climate goals, we must intensify our efforts to tackle these problems head on. Germany, for […]

Build back smarter


Mark Coates, international director of public policy and advocacy, Bentley Systems and Mark Lenton, innovation consultant, SRO Solutions outline the need for data advisors in the built industry.  With asset owners seeing an increase of external pressures, some organisations are beginning to take a radically different approach to achieve their business outcomes within the built environment. One such example is the introduction of digital […]

The role buildings play in climate change will be under the microscope at COP26


Oliver Iltisberger, president of the smart buildings division at ABB, explains how the built environment can play its part in tackling emissions and climate change.  In Glasgow this November, a full day of the COP26 meeting will be dedicated to the built environment for the first time.    And it is no surprise. The role buildings play in carbon […]