Over 100,000 high power charging points to be installed in Europe by 2030

high powered charging

Research from Delta-EE, the specialist new energy research and consulting company, has revealed that High Power Charging (HPC) is expected to grow 24-fold in the next decade. The UK is expected to be Europe’s second-largest HPC market with 28,000 HPCs installed by 2030.  According to Delta-EE’s European EV Chargepoint Forecast, HPCs have emerged as a trend […]

Europe’s building only half the wind energy it needs for the Green Deal

Europe is not building enough new wind energy to reach its Green Deal objectives, according to the latest annual statistics which have been released by wind energy advocacy and support group, WindEurope. WindEurope’s Annual Statistics 2021 shows that the EU built only 11 GW of new wind farms in 2021 and is set to build […]