Green construction materials market to grow by 20 per cent to 2031

Green building materials

According to a new report from Guidehouse Insights, the global revenue for green, low-embodied carbon construction materials will grow by almost 20 per cent through to 2031. The report, ‘Building Construction Decarbonization‘, examines the growth of green, low-embodied carbon construction materials. It leverages Guidehouse Insights reports based on the Global Building Stock Database for 4Q21, […]

Consortium launches mechanism for hourly renewable energy certificates

renewable energy certificates

A consortium of leading energy organisations, led by hourly certificate-focused start-up Granular, and including European power market Nord Pool, Elexon, Energy System Catapult, and Unicorn, is launching a new mechanism for hourly renewable energy certificates in Great Britain. The move comes off the back of a global drive towards greater transparency in energy procurement, known […]