Copper supply shortfalls present a challenge to achieving net zero by 2050

The challenge of meeting Net-Zero Emissions by 2050 “will be short-circuited and remain out of reach” unless significant new copper supply comes online in a timely way, according to a new study by S&P Global that examines the growing mismatch between available copper supply and future demand resulting from the energy transition. The study, entitled ‘The […]

European renewable PPA prices continue to rise in Q2 by 16 per cent

In the second quarter, European renewable energy buyers saw power purchase agreement prices soar by 16 per cent to €66.07 per MWh, according to a new report from LevelTen Energy. Compared to last year, prices are now 47 per cent higher, a staggering increase driven by the region’s complicated energy crisis and inflation. “In the simplest […]