Accelerating the smart grid revolution


depsys, the technology company that empowers electricity grid managers to modernise their operations through digitalisation, has announced that four progressive distribution system operators have chosen to partner with depsys for full deployment in their distribution grid. depsys has also signed initial contracts with five new customers in the past few months.

This news highlights the fact that utilities are accelerating their digital transition to adapt to the new realities of the electricity market. These are marked by the increased electrification and the need for the visibility and management of extensive incoming renewable energy sources as well as unpredictable consumption peaks.

With upwards of €13bn forecast to be invested in grid monitoring in Europe by 2030, the new wins concrete depsys’ ongoing expansion in assisting the utility sector with a successful post-pandemic green recovery, transitioning to a sustainable and manageable future, where the performance of the entire grid is known at any given time.

Swiss grid operators, including Romande Energie and Viteos, are leading the way in deploying smart technology solutions across their entire grid, trusting depsys’ innovative grid solution to provide real-time actionable data and analyse their networks.

depsys’ GridEye tool empowers utilities to control consumption peaks and manage renewable energies by knowing the network’s usage in real-time and injecting current according to demand, encouraging the green recovery and creating the smart grid of tomorrow, today. The solution gathers the essential electrical data from the network to be analysed and fine-tunes operations to make the grid visible, intelligible, and compatible with the energy transition and the expansion of smart cities.

Michael De Vivo, CEO and Founder of depsys, said: “Power grids are at a turning point. Historically, they have been in the dark, with little to no information about activity in the system and no reliable field data to plan and forecast. But now they’re on an exciting journey to an ecosystem where consumers and distributors have a two-way dialogue using real-time data and where energy flows must meet the requirements of safety, reliability and sustainability. We are proud to enable this transition to efficiency and transparency through the quality of our technological solution. The trust placed in us by more than 40 network operators worldwide is a testament to the value of our solution. It motivates us to continue developing tools useful for a stable, affordable and intelligent energy supply.”

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