Affordable and accessible PV for eMobility


Neil Spann, chief executive officer at Power Roll, highlights the role that photovoltaic power can play in the eMobility market. 

Over recent decades, we have experienced increased economic prosperity and improved the quality of life for billions of people. A significant driver in that economic expansion has been mobility. The transportation of people, goods and ideas over this time has benefited many. 

While the benefits of global transportation have been greater for some, the costs are clearly shared by us all. In the US alone, transportation contributes 29 per cent of the total CO2 emissions and is the largest contributor of greenhouse gases by sector. 

The challenge is to transition to sustainable mobility, accessible to everyone, which continues to improve the quality of lives for all.  

Solar energy can and will have a significant impact on e-mobility, but to fully contribute, we need to innovate to accommodate the challenging needs of mobility.  

Whether the form of transportation is a tuk-tuk in Thailand or a convertible car in California, the loaded weight of the vehicle has a significant impact on the energy required to move. If solar energy is to play a role in e-mobility, we need new forms that are lighter and more flexible than current technology.  

To play a role in e-mobility, we will have to manufacture PV at scale, making it significantly less labour-intensive than today. We need automated manufacturing processes rolling off gigawatts of PV. 

We also need solutions that can be manufactured anywhere in the world and from materials that are abundant and easily accessible. E-mobility PV solutions that are manufactured in the same countries where they are consumed; in Thailand for tuk-tuks, California for convertible cars, and in Glasgow for the shipping industry. Anywhere and everywhere.  

Speeding the transition to e-mobility is not just about technological innovation – it is also about providing access to innovation more widely and equitably than we have seen in the past. We can now produce and use solar power in the same place and at the same time. To speed the transition to e-mobility, we need to get more PV in more places, and in more forms than we ever have before.  

This is one of the big ideas that excites the team at Power Roll: making solar energy accessible and affordable for all. As we speed towards a fully electrified transportation, we have a unique opportunity to “level-up” and bring the benefits of this technology to every person on the planet. This is a grand ambition, but it is achievable because what makes solar film perfect for e-mobility also make it accessible and affordable for all. Lightweight, flexible, affordable: we look forward to supporting this journey.  

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