Altigreen and Lohum join forces to drive EV Battery Recycling

Altigreen, a manufacturer of electric three-wheelers, has entered into a strategic partnership with Lohum, a leading sustainable energy transition materials company, to tackle the crucial issue of sustainable battery disposal in the electric vehicle (EV) industry.

The collaboration aims to promote responsible practises and environmental sustainability in the electric mobility sector, with a focus on reducing Altigreen’s EVs’ carbon footprint.

Together, the partners will establish an innovative framework to achieve Altigreen’s goals for responsible battery disposal and recycling. Lohum, registered as an Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) partner under India’s Battery Waste Management Rules (BWMR 2022), will facilitate Altigreen in meeting these targets seamlessly.

As part of this partnership, Lohum will recycle end-of-life batteries from Altigreen electric vehicles using its advanced ‘NEETM’ technology. This process enables the recovery of 95 percent of high-purity battery raw materials, which can then be utilised in the manufacturing of new batteries. Over the next three years, the partnership aims to recycle 1 GWh of Altigreen EV cargo vehicle batteries, contributing significantly to the reduction of battery waste and the efficient utilisation of resources.

Dr. Amitabh Saran, Founder and CEO, Altigreen said, “At Altigreen, we believe that sustainability is at the core of our mission. This partnership will enable us to responsibly manage the end-of-life batteries from our electric vehicles, reducing waste and minimising the environmental impact of our operations.”

Rajat Verma, Founder and CEO, Lohum said, “We are excited to work with Altigreen Propulsion Labs, a company that shares our vision for a greener and more sustainable future. Through our battery recycling expertise, we aim to support Altigreen in their commitment to circular economy practises and contribute to the overall growth of the EV industry.”

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