Anaergia spearheads organic waste-to-renewable energy project in San Diego

Anaergia has been chosen as the energy recovery contractor for a new system generating renewable power from wastewater sludge at the East County Advanced Water Purification (AWP) facility. The project involves anaerobic digestion of wastewater solids and potentially local organic waste, aiming to produce biogas for renewable electricity and heat.

The plan includes a waste-to-renewable power system, featuring a biogas conditioning system, combined heat and power (CHP) generation, and an optional receiving station with storage tanks for organic waste. Once operational, the facility is expected to generate up to 3.1 megawatts of renewable electricity and heat, with a future expansion potential of 4.6 megawatts.

Furthermore, the organic waste reception will address California’s landfill diversion requirements, reducing methane emissions and promoting recycling efforts. Anaergia will be responsible for the facility’s design, construction, and long-term operations and maintenance.

“By including the technologies that create energy from organic waste, the East County AWP facility is doing the right thing for the environment and for the people it serves,” said Brett Hodson, CEO of Anaergia. “This project serves as a model for other facilities. It leverages proven technology, adds resilient infrastructure, and brings economic benefits to the utility. The biogas made from anaerobically digesting this waste will be recovered to generate renewable electricity and heat for on-site use, reducing dependency on electric utilities and cutting costs for these municipalities.”

“The Energy Recovery project would maximise the production, beneficial use, and value of biogas while delivering energy savings, infrastructure enhancements, and environmental and community benefits,” said Mark Niemiec, Director of the East County AWP. “To begin with, the AWP facility is creating a sustainable and local drinking water supply while reducing the region’s dependence on imported water. The Energy Recovery project will complement and enhance the sustainability and community resilience benefits provided by the AWP facility: the project will reduce the AWP facility’s use of fossil fuels, improve energy resiliency, and cut costs, which ultimately benefits our ratepayers.”

Anaergia’s energy recovery project complements other portions of the new East County AWP facility, alongside its anaerobic digesters equipped with Anaergia’s OmniMix mixers, specifically designed for co-digestion applications.

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