Embodied Carbon Calculator heralds new era for cost manager

Turner and Townsend have launched a new Embodied Carbon Calculator, a bespoke carbon accounting tool which enables clients to evaluate the carbon footprint of projects across the full cycle of the construction process. The bespoke tool enables clients to evaluate the carbon footprint of projects from an early design stage, covering cradle to practical completion […]

WKE pellets cleaner and greener than coal and gas


Solid improved recovered fuel (SIRF) pellets perform significantly better than coal and natural gas on carbon emissions, according to a new report by management consultant and waste specialist Monksleigh. The research was commissioned by waste-to-pellet company WKE, which turns materials such as wood, paper, card and non-chlorinated plastics that are destined for landfill into alternative […]

AI platform to enhance the traceability of renewable energy

More than 3,000 UK homes have become the first to sign up to a new form of energy provision. The households are now part of the peer-to-peer (P2P) exchange and will receive traceable renewable energy from local generators.  It comes following a landmark collaboration between Rebel Energy and UrbanChain, where, for the first time, people will […]

Viessmann lays foundation for accelerated heat pump production


The Viessmann Group, one of the world’s leading suppliers of sustainable climate (heating, cooling, water and air quality) and renewable energy solutions, is building a new production site in Legnica, Poland, for its largest business area, Climate Solutions. As the family-owned company announced in the spring, it is planning a historic record investment of 1 […]