Ofgem price cap update prompts calls for energy independence

price cap

Energy regulator Ofgem has announced its quarterly update to the energy price cap for the period between the 1st of July and the 30th September 2023, reducing the cap to £2,074 for a dual fuel household paying by direct debit based on typical consumption, which reflects recent falls in wholesale energy prices. However, experts suggest […]

Clean energy investment is extending its lead over fossil fuels

renewable energy

Investment in clean energy technologies is significantly outpacing spending on fossil fuels as affordability and security concerns triggered by the global energy crisis strengthen the momentum behind more sustainable options, according to a new report from the International Energy Agency (IEA). About $2.8 trillion is set to be invested globally in energy in 2023, of […]

Government must get behind green jobs to offer real ‘levelling up’

green jobs

Around 250,000 green jobs have already been created as a result of the energy transition, but the full workforce opportunities will only be realised with stronger policies to harness the potential and manage the risks, according to a new briefing from the UK’s Climate Change Committee (CCC). The CCC found that the majority of UK […]

Energy business leaders under-invest in technical skills


New research from Expleo, the global engineering, technology and consulting service provider, shows that a talent drought and heightened salary expectations are threatening business transformation plans for half of UK energy organisations, as leaders admit to under-investing in technical skills. Talent shortages were cited as a growing concern among 49 per cent of respondents in Expleo’s ‘Business […]

Alliance to meet growing demand for digital battery passports

battery storage

Global professional services firm KPMG and Circulor, a leading value chain traceability solution, have announced a new alliance to offer a complete package enabling customers to trace, monitor and control critical raw materials throughout their battery and other industrial value chains, from extraction to the end of a product’s ‘first life’ and beyond. Circulor’s ‘digital battery passport’ […]

Foundations laid for new ammonia to hydrogen project


The foundations have been laid at a first-of-a-kind green ammonia to hydrogen demonstrator site at Tyseley Energy Park. The project has been developed by the Ammogen Consortium, a multi-disciplinary and multi-national team dedicated to driving forward hydrogen fuel supply chains in the UK and worldwide. Consortium partners gathered at Tyseley Energy Park (TEP) to mark the […]

Consortium to pilot heat- and energy-as-a-service products

heat as a service

In a bid to strengthen and enhance the UK’s emerging green finance market, E.ON has partnered with Energy Systems Catapult and Heatio to develop two green finance products to promote greater uptake of energy efficiency and low-carbon heating measures. The project has been supported by the Department for Energy Security & Net Zero (DESNZ), through […]

UK could bury 30 million tonnes of CO2 a year by 2030

carbon capture CO2

The UK could become a world leader in carbon storage following the announcement of 20 licences for storing millions of tonnes of CO2 in rocks deep below its surrounding seas, said Offshore Energies UK’s chief executive. David Whitehouse said the decision to offer 13 areas off the UK’s coast as sites for permanently storing millions […]

Grid connection delays hit the spotlight after BBC report

grid connection

Last week, the BBC reported that billions of pounds’ worth of green energy projects are on hold in the UK because they cannot plug into the UK’s electricity system, with some new solar and wind sites waiting between ten and 15 years to be connected due to a lack of capacity in the system. According […]

Challenges identified in creating Scottish hydrogen industry

low-carbon hydrogen

Scotland is in a strong position to exploit the potential of a low-carbon hydrogen industry, but only if the right decisions are quickly made on production locations and demand models, according to a new report. The potential of hydrogen as a low-carbon alternative to traditional fuels has increasingly hit the headlines, but the report – […]

Could hydrogen production cause water supply constraints?

water supply

The use of hydrogen is among the key pillars of global decarbonisation, with many countries already publishing their strategies to support the mass production of the element. At present, most of the world’s supply of hydrogen is produced using fossil fuels, with significant associated carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. But, in response to the call for […]

Demand flexibility provides electricity to ten million households

demand flexibility

The Demand Flexibility Service, put in place by Natonal Grid ESO across the 2022/2023 winter, has reportedly saved over 3,300 megawatt hours (MWh) of electricity as consumers and businesses did their part to reduce demand at key times. In total, this was enough to power nearly ten million homes across Great Britain. 1.6 million households […]

Low carbon hydrogen to play defining role in energy transition

low carbon hydrogen

The hydrogen market has progressed rapidly in recent years due to its growing application in industries like the transport, industrial, energy, aerospace, defence, and construction sectors. Against this backdrop, low carbon hydrogen is gaining traction as a critical component to achieve energy transition and long-term decarbonisation goals, according to data and analytics company GlobalData. The global […]

Can electrofuels help to decarbonise long-distance transportation?


While electric battery technology is expected to drive road vehicles away from reliance on fossil fuels, decarbonising hard-to-electrify long-distance sectors like shipping, trucking and aviation remains a challenge. Some experts believe electrofuels – also known as efuels – could offer a way to decarbonise these forms of transportation as a carbon-neutral, drop-in replacement for traditional […]

North Sea ‘treasure map’ to support UK carbon capture industry

A ‘treasure map’ of what lies beneath the North Sea is set to be created to support the UK’s carbon capture and storage sector, as part of the governments ammendment to their Energy Bill, introduced to Parliament in July last year. Companies already at the forefront of this technology and licensed to drill in the […]

Identifying new ways to clean up the production of steel

According to McKinsey’s quarterly insight on steel industry decarbonisation, published in August 2022, steel occupies a place as one of the most important materials in modern life. However, making steel is also highly carbon intensive, with the production of one metric ton of steel resulting in 1.8 metric tons of CO2 emissions, on average. With steel […]

Ambitious renewable hydrogen project set for new partnership

renewable hydrogen

ABB has announced that it is collaborating with Lhyfe and Skyborn to jointly realise and optimise what is billed as one of Europe’s most ambitious renewable hydrogen projects ever, SoutH2Port. The new hydrogen production plant, operated by Lhyfe and Skyborn, will be located in the municipality of Söderhamn, Sweden, and connected to Skyborn’s one gigawatt […]

Demand for oil in the transport sector is set to halve by 2050


Electricity is continuing to gain traction in previously thought to be hard-to-electrify sectors, including heavy trucking and aviation, leading to a drop in demand for oil in the transport sector of up to 50 per cent by 2050. Additionally, electricity’s share in transport is expected grow from one per cent today to 23 per cent […]

Report reveals how to speed up UK green grid connection


Queue-jumping, sunset clauses and a data-driven can-do attitude are simple ways to connect renewables to the grid faster, a new report by Octopus Energy’s generation arm outlines. According to the report – ‘End the Gridlock’ – increasing competition in the connection process and greater collaboration between developers are the other two areas that could help […]

Calls for new low-carbon standard at London’s Concrete Expo


Finnish materials company, Betolar, are hoping to challenge the current use of cement in construction with their Geoprime solution, after calling for a new low-carbon standard at London’s 2023 Concrete Expo. Betolar’s CEO, Riku Kytömäki, called for a global performance-based standard to replace the current building requirements that restrict the use of new, low-carbon materials to replace […]

Project aiming to boost hydrogen-powered transport in France

hydrogen transport

INEOS Inovyn and HyMove have announced their intention to deliver high purity, low-carbon hydrogen, produced at the INEOS Inovyn site in Tavaux, France, to the transport sector across Eastern France. The project, which is known as ‘ReadHy to Move’ is designed to help decarbonise passenger and freight transport in line with French national emission reduction targets. […]