Energy supply security is industry’s top concern

electricity grid

Three-quarters of energy leaders say that security of energy supply is the number one concern for their organisation. Energy security is the leading concern resulting from the global energy crisis that has led to a capital crunch and severely depleted investment levels, new research shows. The majority of energy leaders believe the current energy crisis […]

New fuels power aviation and shipping sustainability

bio fuel

Sustainable aviation fuel is a lead solution to reducing carbon emissions but synthetic fuels for shipping face major challenges. While leading companies in the aviation sector are busy producing over a million tonnes of synthetic fuel each year, efforts to produce low-carbon fuel for the maritime industry face a range of practical and cost-driven barriers.   […]

Thermal survey system reveals energy loss from homes


A unique thermal survey system reveals energy loss from homes to help combat climate disruption and fuel poverty. First Thermal’s ‘Heatview’ thermal imaging system can help reduce carbon in the environment and save householders’ money. “The number of people willing to take meaningful action to improve their home’s heat retention efficiency after an enhanced Heatview […]

Finland aims for 100 per cent electric transport


The journey to EV transport is accelerating in Finland as prices come down and attitudes to electric vehicles become more positive. The number of fully electric vehicles is forecast to rise with the share of fully electric vehicles reaching 42 per cent by 2025 and almost 70 per cent by 2030, according to a survey […]

Overcoming barriers to renewable energy transition

demand flexibility

Wide-ranging barriers are preventing renewable energy from contributing effectively to a green energy transition. Barriers include a lack of attention to all energy carriers, a failure to diversify renewable energy technologies beyond wind and solar power, deficiencies in policies, bottlenecks in permitting and grid connections, unequal investment levels in different regions, and continued large investments in […]

Countries leading the world in renewable energy

renewable energy

Countries leading the world in renewable energy generate up to 98 per cent of their power from eco-friendly energy sources. Costa Rica, Sweden, Iceland, Norway, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil and Tajikistan lead the world in generation and use of renewable energy with some even surpassing their domestic demand and exporting the surplus to other countries. The […]

France accelerates production of sustainable biofuels


The HYNOVERA project aims to develop a global ecosystem for production of biofuels from 100 per cent renewable energy. The new plant in France will produce hydrogen and other biofuels such as green ammonia, sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) and eMethanol. These are produced from biomass synthesis gas obtained in a pyro-gasification plant and green hydrogen […]

How location is tackling the big challenges in the utilities


The UK has pledged to reduce its carbon emissions by 45 per cent by 2030 and reach net zero by 2050, in accordance with its obligations under the Paris Agreement. All eyes are on utilities providers as we transition to a net zero future, but it’s not as simple as flicking a switch and swapping […]

Energy storage firms face growing pains in booming US market

battery storage

Global energy storage firms pivoting towards the US battery market on the back of the transformational Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) are facing up to scaling constraints on battery supply and access to skills, while hopeful that external intervention will ease interconnection queues and policy uncertainty.  In its industry insight report, ‘Taking Charge: Inside the US Battery Boom‘, US law […]

UK’s first deep geothermal heating plant is now live


A pioneering geothermal heating plant at the Eden Project in Cornwall went live today and is now generating heat. The Eden Project plant is the UK’s first operating deep geothermal heating plant since 1986 and, at over 4,871 metres (just over 3 miles) deep, is the longest geothermal well in the UK. The heat is […]