Ep 07 – Utilising technology to decarbonise cement manufacturing

Research from climate tech pioneer, Carbon Re, found that the cement industry could deploy a combination of technologies ro reduce CO2 emissions by as much as 0.8 gigatonnes by 2030, over double the reduction currently targeted by the International Energy Agency. Our host spoke with the lead author of the report, David Boyd, to find […]

EP 06 – Can biomass contribute to zero-carbon energy networks?

Many future energy scenarios foresee massive additional growth in biomas use, with some showing a 70 to 150 per cent increase in biomass use for energy and materials by 2050. But what are the realistic prospects of the energy source playing a significant part in the energy transition?

Episode 5 – Ensuring grid stability during the energy transition

The integration of renewable energy means reimagining grid operations and planning for a reliable, cost-effective, and efficient electricity system with cleaner energy generators. How will operators deal with the challenges of resource adequacy, network adequacy, frequency stability, and voltage stability to ensure electricity grids remain stable going forward?

Driving change with EV home charging

Ambitious electric vehicle targets set out by governments will have a profound effect on many other industries, chiefly electricity grids. Home charging is seen as the most accessible way to increase EV charging infrastructure. What impact will that have on the adoption of EV’s, and how can EV’s play their role in grid interconnectivity?

The race for hydrogen supremacy

With the United States finally putting in to place a comprehensive strategy to drastically increase its hydrogen production via the new incentives set out by the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), the race is now on to see who can forge ahead in the emerging green hydrogen market. How exactly has this piece of legislation changed […]

Harnessing the power of the world’s oceans

Despite being a renewable energy technology that does not suffer from intermittency in the same way that wind and solar power does, development of ocean-based energy has been much slower. Why is this, and what needs to happen to ensure ocean-based energy plays its part in the energy transition?