heat pumps

Heating up: why the rhetoric on heat pumps needs to be matched by action

Joseph Raftery, Heating Product Manager at Samsung Climate Solutions, explains how action on heat pump ...

Developing a viable hydrogen infrastructure in the UK is crucial for rail decarbonisation

Martin Johannes Schneider, business development manager, Siemens New Energy Business looks at the role that ...

The quest for carbon-free energy storage needs facts and hard data that are hard to find

Untold riches await whoever can provide long term energy storage without a high GHG tariff, ...
Carbon reduction

Ensuring the UK meets its promised 2030 carbon reduction targets

Energy generation in the UK will have to look dramatically different if we are to ...

Innovation in the home storage market is crucial to achieving renewable energy targets

Kevin Brundish, CEO at AMTE Power, discusses how investment is needed in the energy home ...

Five predictions for the energy and utilities industry in 2022

David Hall, VP power systems at Schneider Electric UK and Ireland, outlines five directions in ...

How fundamental particles can help us to develop better battery materials

Dr Peter Baker, instrument scientist at the ISIS Neutron and Muon Source, and co-investigator on the ...

Selecting renewable energy projects that go beyond carbon-free

Zach Starsia, Director of Transactions, LevelTen Energy discusses how their Impact+ Score™ can help companies ...

The global energy transition – now comes the hard part

Jamie Stewart, managing editor, energy at ICIS looks ahead at the work still needed to achieve our ...

Hydrogen heating – hype or hope?  

Current debates around the role of hydrogen in decarbonising the heating sector ignore some important ...

Build back smarter

Mark Coates, international director of public policy and advocacy, Bentley Systems and Mark Lenton, innovation consultant, SRO Solutions outline the need for data ...

The role buildings play in climate change will be under the microscope at COP26

Oliver Iltisberger, president of the smart buildings division at ABB, explains how the built environment can ...

The future is electric

Ben Mercer, e-commerce manager at Leisure Lakes Bikes asks will the rise in climate-conscious campaigning or the ...

Affordable and accessible PV for eMobility

Neil Spann, chief executive officer at Power Roll, highlights the role that photovoltaic power can ...

Can carbon capture help us reach net zero emissions by 2050?

Climeworks share their insights in to how carbon capture works, and the potential for it ...

Digital nudges and rewards

Pilot projects show that engaging with customers individually to encourage them to shift energy use ...

Increasing the pace of decarbonization with green hydrogen

Stefano Innocenzi SVP new energy business at Siemens Energy explains why green hydrogen will play a pivotal role in ...

Ten hopes for the rest of COP26

Richard Smith, partner at Sandstone Law, gives us his opinion about what has been achieved ...

A three-step journey to reducing emissions and increasing sustainability

Andrew Toher, head of customer insights at Enel X UK, explains how businesses can begin ...

‘Big sheds’ can sustain solar’s future

Neil Spann, chief executive at Power Roll, outlines his vision to utilise commercial rooftops as ...

The hydrogen refuelling station: the essential elements

Chris Hampton, product & business development manager for hydrogen at BOC, explains how developing a ...
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