Climatize partners with Vertalo to amplify access to renewable energy initiatives

Vertalo, the digital transfer agent that connects and enables digital asset ecosystems, has unveiled its latest collaboration with Climatize Earth Securities. This partnership introduces Climatize, a mobile app empowering users to invest in renewable energy projects.

Climatize has integrated with the Vertalo platform, providing a dedicated space for renewable energy projects to secure funding from the very communities they intend to empower. As a FINRA registered Funding Portal, Climatize, in tandem with Vertalo’s cutting-edge technology, facilitates the realisation of environmentally-conscious projects.

This partnership allows for the fractionalisation, democratisation, and digitisation of investment in projects that seek to combat climate change. Through the Climatize platform, investors can directly fund renewable energy projects that may help mitigate the impact of climate change.

Will Wiseman, CEO and Co-founder of Climatize says: “With Climatize, we can finally put the power to shape our energy future into the hands of the people who need it most: the public. With the launch of Climatize we’re entering a new chapter, one in which the public can now be an active stakeholder in the renewable energy transition. Whether you’re a community leader, a climate activist, or simply someone who cares about the future of our planet, you now have greater access to the tools to take action. Climatize has provided the platform that allows individuals to contribute to projects that align with their values by investing it transparently into renewable energy projects. Now the future is ours to choose.”

“For Climatize, to manage a multitude of investors, the company had to look outside itself for a solution to oversee cap table management. Vertalo’s technology, paired with Climatize’s back-end system, makes it simple and streamlined for Climatize to maintain compliance while launching next-generation investment offerings.”

Dave Hendricks, CEO of Vertalo, understands the obstacles that Climatize is helping to clear and comments: “Retail investors are limited in their ability to contribute to efforts to reduce climate change, beyond buying an EV or reducing their own personal carbon footprint. Climatize is helping concerned investors – who can’t erect their own wind farm – access investment opportunities previously available only to institutional investors. But Climatize doesn’t just democratise access to investment opportunities, it also will help projects access a larger and more diverse group of investors that would otherwise be too costly to reach. Vertalo is proud to help Climatize achieve their goals to accelerate investment into the energy transition.”

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