Consortium for Battery Innovation seeks bids for new research projects

battery research

In a new research projects request for advanced batteries, the Consortium for Battery Innovation (CBI) has launched a call for proposals focused on innovative applications of the technology. 

Targeting markets such as electric vehicles (EVs), energy storage systems (ESS), and motive power applications, CBI’s new RFP has identified key areas for growth opportunities for the advanced lead battery market. 

Calling on the industry to submit research proposals to enhance batteries in critical ways such as cycle life, service life, charge efficiency, and operational cost, the RFP will guide CBI’s new Technical Program and the next round of funded projects.

With growth expected across all lead battery applications – 60% of the global rechargeable battery market is represented by lead batteries – the potential for innovation in the technology remains a significant drive for CBI and its research partnerships worldwide with members, governments, and national laboratories.  

Dr. Matthew Raiford, Senior Technical Manager of CBI, said: “Last year, we launched our new Technical Roadmap and that document has predicted where we expect to see strong market growth in the next decade for lead battery technology. This is driving our research call to ensure advanced lead batteries can continue to develop and innovate to help societies meet ambitious decarbonization and electrification targets.”

For motive power applications, the focus is on lowering the total cost of ownership by increasing cycle life, recharge time, and producing maintenance-free batteries.

For energy storage, improving cycle life, calendar life, and overall efficiency while reducing acquisition and operating costs are the priority. 

And for the automotive sector, encompassing both conventional cars and electric vehicles, the key areas are improving high-temperature performance, charge efficiency, and lifetime, while ensuring recent improvements in dynamic charge acceptance, cold crank amps, and water loss are maintained.

CBI’s RFP is open for submissions until Friday 20 May with more information on the full list of topics and guidelines for proposals available here.

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