Declaration strengthens global collaboration on geothermal energy

geothermal energy

Member countries of the Global Geothermal Alliance (GGA) have agreed to step up global efforts in scaling up the deployment of geothermal energy.

The San Salvador Declaration, adopted at the GGA’s second high-level conference in El Salvador, supports continued cooperation in achieving the Alliance’s goal of a five-fold growth in the installed capacity for geothermal power generation and three-fold growth in geothermal heating by 2030.

The GGA’s second high-level conference was hosted by the Government of El Salvador through the Executive Hydroelectric Commission of the Lempa River (CEL) and the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), in collaboration with the International Geothermal Association (IGA). It focused on opportunities and challenges in fostering geothermal energy development in light of current energy and climate challenges.

“Geothermal energy is a vital energy source that remains largely underutilised for both power generation and heating,” said IRENA Director-General, Francesco La Camera. “Realising its full potential requires higher levels of political will, cross-sector collaboration and investments. The San Salvador Declaration is a significant milestone in stepping up global efforts.”

“In El Salvador we are committed to geothermal energy and we are taking important steps with two expansion projects, which will bring development to our people,” said Daniel Alvarez, President of CEL, who also assured that in El Salvador geothermal energy represents 25 per cent of the country’s consumption.

In 2021, geothermal capacity had exceptional growth with 1.6 GW added globally; however, the actual share of geothermal in the global energy mix remains relatively low. International cooperation among stakeholders is required to address the challenges hindering accelerated geothermal development, including the limited awareness of its feasibility and benefits.

The San Salvador Declaration, which echoes the sentiments of the Florence Declaration in 2017, also epmhasised the role of the GGA as a global platform for dialogue, cooperation and coordinated action among geothermal stakeholders. The constituency of the GGA has increased over the years to 49 member countries, and 54 partner institutions, including multilateral organisations, development partners, international and regional organisations, global financial institutions, academia, research institutions and the and industry associations.

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