Development of ground-breaking graphene-aluminium composite


Tirupati Graphite PLC, the fully integrated, revenue generating, specialist graphite producer and graphene and advanced materials developer, has announced that Tirupati Graphene and Mintech Research Centre (TGMRC), its graphene and technology development unit, has developed a ground-breaking graphene-aluminium composite, which exhibits significantly higher conductivity and strength properties over aluminium and comparable to copper.

The company has now engaged with potential end users including a FTSE 100 company for its potential use replacing copper in thermal, power and propulsion systems, which provides significant advantages owing to reduced weight.

The Al-Gr Composite successfully combines graphene with aluminium resulting in enhanced thermal and electrical conductivity and improved mechanical properties retaining aluminium’s light weight.

Al-Gr Composite also has the potential to be used across various electrical and thermal conductivity applications with its significant advantage of weight reduction – wires and cables in motors for electric vehicles, aerospace, space, and satellite technologies, among others.

Working with various leading industrial end-users to conduct the next stage of product testing, trial development, and scale-up with commercialisation focused engagements.

Shishir Poddar, CEO of Tirupati Graphite, said, “The message is clear across the world: a dramatic change in how we live is needed to combat climate change.  As part of this, stimulating innovation of low-carbon technologies including the creation of better materials is fundamental.  This was highlighted in a recent Insight from McKinsey, which said that ‘New materials could deliver order-of-magnitude improvements in emissions performance’ and that ‘graphene, a material consisting of a one-atom-thick layer of carbon, can make batteries and solar cells significantly more efficient.’

“We are deeply engaged in some of these innovations, looking to create disruptive new age materials, as demonstrated by the development of this ground-breaking Al-Gr Composite.  We are delighted that this achievement has caught the attention of several major companies globally, including a world leading FTSE 100 engineering group, with whom we are now working with to further develop our Al-Gr Composite and explore commercialisation opportunities.

“We believe that this material has transformational potential and could be a key contributor to emissions reduction as it evolves. We will continue to update the market on our progress as we achieve further milestones in our efforts towards developing and commercialising the Composite and other advanced materials and their applications.”

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