Eminox collaborates with RheEnergise on transformative new green energy storage project


Eminox has announced a major new partnership with pumped energy storage innovator RheEnergise. Eminox will use its 42 plus years of engineering expertise designing and manufacturing complex emissions reduction systems for a variety of engine applications to create and deliver the overall digital control system for RheEnergise’s ground-breaking new energy storage solution.

RheEnergise promises to solve the issue of cost-effectively storing energy from intermittent sources such as solar and wind through an innovative, environmentally friendly approach that is significantly cheaper than battery storage.

It is based on the proven concept of pumped hydro storage, which sees water moved between reservoirs located at different heights. When energy costs are low (such as when renewables are operating), water is pumped to the top storage tanks. As demand and prices rise this water is released, passing downhill through turbines, regenerating electricity to supply power to the grid.

RheEnergise’s High-Density Hydro solution uses the company’s proprietary HD Fluid R-19, which has 2.5 times the density of water. This gives RheEnergise pumped energy storage projects 2.5 times the power and 2.5 times the energy when compared to water, enabling them to be both significantly smaller and located on 60 per cent lower hills, minimising cost, environmental impact and providing 3-4 times greater availability of sites for construction. In addition because projects are much smaller, High-Density Hydro can use buried tanks rather than huge open reservoirs.

Projects will be able to provide between 10MW-50MW of power and two to ten hours of storage capacity – enough to power between 23,000 to 115,000 UK homes for two to ten hours depending on the size of project.

Analysis shows that energy costs for RheEnergise’s HD Hydro will be 40 per cent below Lithium-Ion battery technology for medium duration projects. The company expects projects to be built close to demand, such as near cities or large energy users to help local authorities and businesses meet their growing requirements for greener electricity, or co-located with renewable sources such as wind or solar farms. They will also provide a green source of energy for electric vehicle battery recharging which is likely to be an extra burden on the grid over time.

Eminox provides the control systems for the project, managing the flow of the HD Fluid R-19 between tanks, the pump turbine and generator operations, monitoring sensors and interfacing with the local electricity grid to manage power supply.

Dave Phillips, Engineering Director, Eminox, said: “Through its innovative storage solution RheEnergise delivers a key element of the energy transition to renewables, enabling power to be cost-effectively stored whenever it is generated and released whenever it is needed. Our work on this project is an example of how we are using our experience and expertise from emission control solutions and applying them successfully to solve real-world problems as we move towards a zero carbon economy across the globe. This demonstrates our abilities to help both new innovators and our existing automotive customers as they embrace electric and hybrid vehicles, powered by electricity that has been generated and stored in a much greener manner.”

Supported by multiple grants from the UK government, RheEnergise has created and tested the overall architecture of its solution, and is currently fund-raising in order to build a scale demonstrator of its technology, ahead of full-scale commercialisation. It has already achieved over 175 per cent of its initial £100,000 investment target through crowdfunding site Crowdcube.

Stephen Crosher, CEO and Founder, RheEnergise. said “Having a partner such as Eminox on-board will help us accelerate our development and deliver on the promise of our technology, and successfully compete against both battery energy storage and gas peaking plants. In many ways our solution has numerous similarities to an engine emissions system, with multiple inputs, outputs and complex fluid flows – that makes their expertise perfect for delivering a control system that can manage our exacting requirements.”

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