European battery design and manufacturing boosted by new technical roadmap


A new roadmap designed to deliver high-performance batteries to support the EU’s green growth and decarbonisation goals has been announced by one of the world’s leading battery research groups.

The Consortium for Battery Innovation (CBI) has launched its latest Technical Roadmap, an expansive update since the original roadmap in 2019, which combines the latest market analysis with a scientific vision setting out how batteries can enhance performance to deliver a clean and sustainable future for Europe.

CBI has also unveiled new research plans for advanced lead battery research.

Demand for battery energy storage is set to soar in the EU as the switch is made to vehicles with greater levels of electrification and energy grids enhance their resilience and flexibility. In Europe, the International Energy Agency says annual additions of wind and solar need to reach four times 2020’s record to achieve net zero by 2050.

Sectors such as telecoms, the shift to 5G networks and the need for reliable power for data centres also feature batteries as central to maintaining communications.

Dr Christian Rosenkranz, Chair of CBI and Vice President Industry and Governmental Relations EMEA at Clarios, said: “We are spearheading research collaborations with governments, universities, end-users and lead battery manufacturers to ensure we fully tap the innovation potential of the technology. This is the age of the battery and Europe is at the heart of the electrification revolution. Our roadmap is helping us deliver next generation lead batteries to meet the challenges of making a clean future a reality.”

EU companies involved in the research and members of the Consortium include Clarios, Exide, EnerSys and Hoppecke.

CBI Director, Dr Alistair Davidson, added: “Analysts predict a huge increase in global demand for lead batteries, estimated to be around 490,000 MWh by 2030. Our Technical Roadmap sets a clear path to achieving enhanced high performing and resilient advanced lead batteries through our new research.”

The roadmap highlights the huge potential to increase lead battery performance and sets targets in each application area, from mobility to renewable energy storage – to increase the lifetime and efficiency of batteries in each sector.

In addition, the superior circularity, safety and reliability of lead batteries is adding further credibility to the EU’s role as a centre for sustainable battery technology.

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