Greenwashing runs rampant at COP26

As the most elite elected officials from around the world gather at COP26 to determine the strongest course of action to fight against the global climate crisis, Heura, one of the fastest growing plant-based companies in Europe, is calling out the elephant in the room.

The fact is, data shows that cutting meat and dairy products from one’s diet reduces an individual’s carbon footprint from food by up to 73 percent. So, why aren’t our world leaders adding this topic to the COP26 agenda? Why do they refuse to have a healthy debate about the best ways to accelerate the transition to a plant-based diet to combat the climate crisis? Today, on World Vegan Day, Heura exposes the elephant in the room.

Food activists and Heura co-founders Marc Coloma and Bernat Añaños found a unique way to shed light on the facts through projection mapping from George Square, an area of Glasgow long known for political events and activism, demanding world leaders acknowledge the environmental impact of the current obsolete food system.

“With the support of our Good Rebel community, we decided to take a stand and unleash the elephant in the room, through large-scale projection mapping designed to raise awareness and demand change,” Bernat Añaños, Heura co-founder, said. “Our goal is to not only gain the attention of the powerful government officials having closed door conversations but also to empower people all around the world to vote with their fork. Because we understand that every meal is an opportunity to drive positive change on the planet.”

Disappointingly, instead of taking bold action and supporting what many consider the “single biggest way” to reduce one’s environmental impact on earth, COP26 organisers have boasted about serving dishes such as Scotch beef ramen, even though the total emissions from global livestock equates for 7.1 gigatonnes of CO2-equiv per year, representing 14.5 per cent of all anthropogenic GHG emissions.

“For many of us, every meal is an opportunity to choose the world we want to live in and take steps to support a more sustainable planet,” Marc Coloma, Heura co-founder, added. “Since we know the data proves a vegan diet to be effective in fighting climate change, it’s our responsibility to act. World leaders need to prioritize protecting the planet, not the status quo, and start having real debates on a global platform about the best ways to transition the population to a more plant-based diet, if we want to reduce emissions to keep the planet below 1.5 degrees of warming.”

Heura originally launched a petition making the request for the UK Government to ensure plant-based diets were included as a topic of discussion for COP26 earlier this year. The petition on received more than 2,000 signatures within days. Heura is committed to driving positive change for the climate and can proudly say that in 2020 it saved more than 6,6 kg of CO2 – the equivalent of over 27 million km by car, driving the earth’s circumference 2.806 times.

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