Lisarb Energy launches global consortium to target offshore wind market

Offshore wind

Lisarb Energy, a fast-growing global renewable energy developer, has announced the launch of Lisarb Offshore Limited, a partnership that aims to leverage the collective experience of its members to increase renewables financing and project delivery success for offshore wind.

Lisarb Offshore combines the capabilities of Lisarb Energy Group Limited, Prosperity Energy Limited, and a consortium of leading global ports, fabricators, manufacturers, and consultants, who are focusing their attention on a qualified pipeline of offshore opportunities across Europe and South America – with a particular focus on new floating wind license areas, such as the UK Celtic Sea, North Sea, and the coast of Brazil.

The partnership is founded on Lisarb’s 4.6 GW portfolio of more than 80 solar and onshore wind projects across Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula; underpinned by a loyal, blue-chip investor base and secure, long-term Power Purchase Agreements with leading global brands.

Prosperity Energy adds a strong management team with deep experience in delivering prestigious offshore wind, solar, tidal, and hydrogen projects – including competitive leasing rounds, supply chain development, installation, and operation.

Together, Lisarb Offshore’s multi-disciplinary team has many decades of experience; having worked on major UK and international infrastructure projects, including more than 30 offshore wind farms – totalling well over 20 GW. The team’s expertise spans all phases of a project’s lifecycle; from site selection, through development, construction and operation, as well as hands-on experience acquiring and divesting offshore wind projects, preparing successful competitive lease bids, and securing long-term Power Purchase Agreements.

Jamie MacDonald-Murray, Chairman of Lisarb Energy, said: “Lisarb Offshore’s partnership model provides a delivery-oriented blueprint to support renewable energy development while better managing cost and risk. We can apply this blueprint to emerging fixed and floating offshore markets to nurture indigenous supply chains, deliver revenue for regional economies, and meet the net-zero agenda – locally and globally.

“Lisarb Offshore’s agile, supply-chain first strategy, planning expertise, and technical innovation will drive costs down and value up; while supporting our consortium partners, employees, and communities – in the UK, Brazil, and beyond.”

Lisarb Offshore has already signed up a wide array of consortium partners, providing access to a unique resource pool and skills set in global offshore wind projects – fixed and floating. These include Quantum Global Solutions (legal and commercial counsel), and Offshore Solutions Group (technical and practical support).

The multiple opportunities include a 2 GW offshore wind farm, a 2 GW solar farm, and an additional 19 GW of seabed lease rights and associated PPAs (electricity and hydrogen) in Brazil; and targeting 1500 MW as part of the 2023 leasing round in the UK’s Celtic Sea, with the first 300 MW phase starting development from 2023.

MacDonald-Murray concludes: “While fixed-bottom offshore wind infrastructure will continue to dominate in many territories, floating offshore wind is unleashing a raft of new opportunities and I am confident that we have the right strategy, team, and technology to be successful across both markets.”

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