Long-duration backup power solution launched for telecom industry


The latest innovation in long-duration backup power has been launched specifically to meet the needs of the telecom industry. GenCell Energy have unveiled the GenCell Backup Operations eXtender (BOX), which has been designed specifically to meet the challenging backup power requirements of telecom and critical communications operations.

In a world plagued by ever more frequent and severe climate-related weather incidents causing serious and extended power outages that threaten lives, property and public safety, resilient long-duration backup power is increasingly mandatory.  These recurrent disasters reinforce the indispensable role which telecoms and digital connectivity play in today’s world and therefore uninterrupted connectivity is a vital priority.

However, this connectivity is entirely dependent on electricity to power the network equipment and devices that enable us to stay connected. In these circumstances, critical communications providers need ultra-reliable, weather-independent, and sustainable power that ensures continuous, long-duration operation of network equipment and devices that support continuous connectivity, disaster recovery and emergency response.

Offering an immediate injection of 5kW power with unlimited run-time, the hydrogen-fueled GenCell BOX is highly resilient to extreme environmental conditions; compact in size to fit outdoor installations; serviced by simple annual maintenance; has zero CO2 emissions, no noise, and no vibrations; designed to connect with standard telecom Energy Management System protocols; and has an easy plug-and-play installation

Rami Reshef, CEO GenCell, said: “Efforts to overcome the climate crisis, minimise emissions and transition to renewables have become top of the agenda for public agencies and private enterprises alike. With the presidential administration and Department of Energy committed to expanding the U.S. hydrogen economy, we are proud that our new GenCell BOX solution brings the critical communications community a fuel cell solution that has been designed to meet all their specific requirements.”

The GenCell BOX leverages highly efficient, ultra-reliable alkaline fuel cell technology to provide long-duration 5kW backup power that is specifically designed to meet the requirements of telecom base stations, fiber optics systems and network equipment.  Designed to be extremely reliable, the GenCell BOX is highly resilient to extreme environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, salinity), compact in size, requires almost no maintenance or servicing, and is completely green.  Producing no noise or CO2 emissions, the solution complies with environmental regulations and renewable energy incentives.

Fueled by hydrogen, the GenCell BOX resolves the key weaknesses of the most common other backup power solutions, such as the limited stored energy in batteries, the fumes, noise, CO2 emissions and lengthy startup time of diesel generators and the daylight limitations of solar PV energy systems.

The compact dimensions and rugged exterior of the GenCell BOX have been designed to align with the specifications of most outdoor telecom base stations.  The unit outputs 48V DC and is capable of connectivity with standard telecom energy management systems. In the event of grid outage, the ultra-reliable BOX kicks in immediately to deliver uninterrupted power for continuous telecommunication operations that will extend for as long as hydrogen fuel is available.

Founded in 2011 and having introduced its first commercial backup power solution in 2016, GenCell has accumulated broad customer experience and deep expertise developing clean, reliable, and cost-efficient backup solutions that deliver uninterrupted power to mission-critical applications across industry sectors, including to leading global telecom providers.

Working closely with the GSMA and leading mobile network operators, GenCell has focused its efforts on engineering affordable green power solutions that will enable telecom providers worldwide to achieve sustainability and accelerate their transition to renewable energy, including in remote poor and off-grid locations.

As leading MNOs have made concerted efforts towards resolving the global climate emergency, meeting public pledges to policy makers, and honoring their customers’ commitments to zero emissions, while concurrently aiming to reduce operating expenses and at the same time having to provide the even higher power requirements for 5G, the telecom industry’s demand for resilient renewable power is growing exponentially. And to meet just this demand, GenCell has launched the BOX.

When relying on backup power to maintain a constant power supply, prevent power outages, and ensure the operability of cell towers, equipment, and networks, telecom providers can depend on fuel cell technology. Unlike competing solutions, fuel cells are especially effective for backup power because they are predictable and can operate for ten years or more with undiminished power quality and quantity. Environmentally friendly, quiet and non-pollutant, fuel cells require little on-site maintenance.

Frank Wolak, President & Executive Director, Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association (FCHEA) comments, “The FCHEA is glad to see our member GenCell Energy exhibiting at IWCE 2021.  Telecom operators are increasing their efforts to minimize climate impact on their networks, take advantage of incentives and comply with environmental regulations by improving energy efficiency and investing in renewable energy resources, and fuel cells will be a key component in these endeavors.  As the demand for fuel cells to provide U.S. telecom providers with resilient backup power and strengthen the critical communications infrastructure is strong and growing, we believe that the GenCell BOX will provide value while creating jobs and supporting the transition to a clean energy future.”

Rami Reshef added: “We are excited to be at IWCE 2021 to bring telecom professionals the resilient power solutions that are so crucial to ensuring continuous connectivity and enabling emergency responders to extend communications and restore public safety even during severe weather incidents.”

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