Ocean technology companies announce collaboration to propel wave energy to the next level


Wave energy companies Eco Wave Power and Ocean Power Technologies Inc. (OPT), have announced that they are working to utilise their complementary technologies and skills to accelerate global wave energy projects, under an agreement that was signed at an earlier date.

The companies will work together on several fronts, including knowledge sharing, joint grant submissions, and collaborative assistance in entry to new markets.

In addition, joint solutions can be developed utilising each company’s respective offshore and onshore technologies and leveraging OPT’s offshore engineering and newly acquired robotics capabilities in Eco Wave Power’s applicable projects.

OPT is a provider of intelligent maritime solutions and services that enable safer, cleaner and more productive ocean operations for the defence and security, oil and gas, science and research, and offshore wind markets. Their PowerBuoy platforms provide electric power and real-time data communications for remote maritime and subsea applications. Meanwhile, their subsidiary, Marine Advanced Robotics, provides autonomous surface vessels and marine robotics services.

Eco Wave Power is an onshore wave energy company that has developed a technology for turning ocean and sea waves into green electricity, helping to fight against climate change by enabling commercial power production from the ocean. Their project in Gibraltar has received funding from the European Union Regional Development Fund, and the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 framework program.

Inna Braverman, founder and chief executive officer of Eco Wave Power, stated: “This is an exciting time for the wave energy industry, when two complementary offshore and onshore technologies decide to work together by combining their resources and expertise to enhance the global implementation of projects utilising their technologies.

“I believe this collaboration will open the door to cross-industry knowledge sharing, as we understand that we are working towards the same goal. Our goal is to create positive impact by adding wave energy to the global renewable energy mix to address climate change.”

Philipp Stratmann, president and chief executive officer of OPT, said: “OPT strives to be a leading provider of offshore data and power solutions and is constantly innovating to achieve this goal.  We welcome the chance to incorporate our offshore engineering, deployment, and strategic consulting services with clean and complementary technologies. OPT’s knowledge and understanding of the offshore environment, combined with Eco Wave Power’s track record of near-shore wave energy conversion installations present opportunities to unlock the power in waves.”

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