Partnership to offer innovative EV charging and digital management solutions


Ohme, the intelligent electric vehicle charging company, have announced a partnership with Volvo in Benelux to offer smart charging solutions to Volvo’s electric vehicle (EV) customers.

Ohme’s flagship intelligent portable charger will be available to both SMEs and larger customers via all 60 Volvo retail dealerships in the region.

Unique to the market, Ohme’s smart chargers are ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) devices. The chargers can communicate with the car and the driver, with the driver being able to easily set preferences and control charging remotely via a mobile app. The smart cable’s metering capability also measures charging behaviour and location.

The Ohme solution is naturally compatible with Volvo’s plug in hybrids from the get-go. The partnership enables Ohme to bring smart, easy-to-use charging to Volvo’s customers, with the added benefit of being portable and requiring no installation.

In addition, Volvo’s Benelux dealerships will offer its customers Ohme’s digital fleet management platform which processes the wide range of data captured by the chargers and delivers powerful insights to fleet customers. The platform is designed to make easy work of managing (and automating) expense claims, arranging split billing and reimbursements and controlling costs across multiple vehicles and locations.

David Watson, CEO and Founder of Ohme, said. “It’s fantastic to see manufacturers like Volvo so focused on going electric. It’s important to remember that electric vehicles themselves are just one piece of the puzzle. Electrification brings a host of new challenges for OEMs and fleets and it’s great that Volvo is embracing smart solutions powered by data and technology to facilitate their transition to zero carbon transport.”

“That’s why we are delighted to partner with Volvo on rolling out the offer of our smart charging technology to Volvo’s EV customers. In 2020, approximately one-third of Volvo’s 290,000 vehicles sold in Europe were plug-in vehicles. Their commitment for all cars sales is to be 100 per cent electric by 2030, this is evidence that Volvo is a market leader and an ideal partner for Ohme. And it doesn’t stop there. EV adoption in Europe is accelerating at an unprecedented pace, so we are confident in the potential for this partnership to scale rapidly as demand for EVs and digital fleet solutions continue to rise.”

Willem De Vetter, Service Performance Manager, Volvo Car BeLux added: “We’re delighted to be working with a company like Ohme. We strive to bring our customers a premium solution using innovative technology. In this case, we were looking for a portable charging solution with smart features and Ohme was the clear choice.

Ohme’s technology gives our drivers and fleet managers visibility of behaviour data, charging data and energy use all in one place, delivering a cost-effective solution that makes electrification simpler for our customers and employees alike. We are thrilled to be rolling this smart charging offer out to 60 of our regional dealerships, providing them with exceptional fleet capability and management solutions.”

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