PATRIZIA to invest in ultrafast EV charging rollout programme in Germany

PATRIZIA, a leading partner for global real assets, has entered into a binding agreement for a transaction of over EUR 140 million in an EV charging rollout programme in Germany through its flagship European Infrastructure Fund series. The deal significantly diversifies PATRIZIA’s infrastructure platform by sector and country, marking the company’s entry into EV charging as well as the first investment in Germany for its European Infrastructure Fund series.

The investment of over EUR 70 million from PATRIZIA, alongside a c.EUR 70 million debt facility provided by a syndicate of German banks led by DAL (Deutsche Asset Leasing), will finance the rollout of 400 ultrafast Numbat EV charging stations at 200 locations of organic supermarket chain Tegut across Germany. As part of the deal, PATRIZIA has provided a convertible loan note to Numbat, who is the specialist developer and operator of the high-power EV charging solutions. PATRIZIA has also secured the right to finance further Numbat EV charging rollout programmes across Europe.

The deal presents significant upside potential and attractive growth opportunities. In the underlying exclusive contract with Tegut, a long-term exclusivity with the supermarket chain has been agreed to install and operate EV charging stations at their current and future locations in Germany. The future expansion of Tegut’s rooftop solar will deliver locally produced renewable energy to the charging stations.

Matteo Andreoletti, Head of Infrastructure for Europe and North America, comments: “Supporting the transition to green energy is one of our key long-term investment trends as we address the challenges of climate change. E-mobility has a significant role to play in putting us on the path to net zero and creating smarter, cleaner towns and cities. We are excited to fully leverage our expertise in both renewables and smart city solutions to drive the future value and growth of our partnerships with Numbat and Tegut.”

Numbat has a unique solution for the e-mobility sector with technology that combines ultrafast charging, battery storage and advertising screens. A Numbat charging station can produce up to 300 kW charging power and has up to 200 kWh battery storage. The integrated battery provides a number of advantages including a more efficient rollout without the requirement for lengthy and costly grid upgrades, while also enabling the development of integrated energy systems utilising locally sourced renewables and providing virtual power plant services.

Martin Schall, CEO of Numbat GmbH, adds: “We are happy to have PATRIZIA as an experienced, well established infrastructure financing partner investing in the rollout and operation of the Tegut EV charging portfolio. With the installation of up to 400 chargers at the supermarkets, we will significantly contribute to the strong growing demand for fast chargers in Germany. Tegut can offer a convenient opportunity for EV drivers to charge their vehicles while they do their grocery shopping. At the same time, with our integrated battery storage, renewable electricity can be charged to the cars, supporting the joint vision of all involved parties to promote clean mobility solutions. We are very much look forward to equipping the locations throughout the next months.”

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