Power-to-X plant in Aalborg to capture CO2 and use it for green fuel


Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners, Reno-Nord and Aalborg Utility are together leading the way to a faster green transition with plans to build one of the world’s first commercial Power-to-X plants, which will produce green methanol from captured CO2, green power and water.

The new Power-to-X plant in Aalborg will be able to convert green power to hydrogen, essential in the production of methanol, which is a fuel expected to play a big part in the future of shipping and other heavy transportation sectors.

“We will have one of the first commercial plants in the world where the end product is methanol, which can be used directly in heavy transport, for example ships,” said Søren Gais Kjeldsen, CEO of Aalborg Utility. “To produce methanol requires a CO2 source – and the unique thing about the plant is that we use captured CO2 from the waste incineration at Reno-Nord.”

He also explained that, eventually, the plant will also be able to utilise captured CO2 from other sectors in the region. So, instead of emitting CO2 or depositing it underground, the captured CO2 will be used in the production of methanol. The Power-to-X plant in Aalborg will annually recycle 180,000 tonnes of waste-based CO2 from the North Jutland waste company Reno-Nord, equivalent to the annual CO2 emissions of about 15,000 Danish households.

The plant is expected to be completed in 2028 and to include a 300-400 MW electrolysis plant that converts green power into hydrogen, which, in combination with CO2, is converted into methanol. The plant will produce 130,000 tonnes of methanol annually, accelerating the green transformation of heavy transport by ships and trucks, according to the project’s developer Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP).

CIP partner, Michael Hannibal, said: “Green methanol plays an important role in society’s ability to decarbonise sectors that are otherwise difficult to convert. At CIP, we are focused on projects that contribute to this transition by producing green hydrogen, green methanol and green ammonia. We at CIP look forward to helping drive the green transition through this project as well.”

The plant will be built at Nordjyllandsværket, which is being converted into a green test centre, and its location close to production will help develop and test new supply solutions and improve those already in use today.

Mayor of Aalborg Municipality, Thomas Kastrup-Larsen, welcomed the news: “The plans for a large Power-to-X plant and the production of tomorrow’s fuel at Nordjyllandsværket is great news for Aalborg Municipality, and will undoubtedly strengthen our position in green development. In addition to the many climate benefits, the Power-to-X plant will also create both development and jobs in Aalborg, and attract new investment.”

The establishment of the Power-to-X plant is estimated to contribute 600-700 jobs during the construction phase and 50 permanent jobs when the plant is completed. In addition to green fuel, the Power-to-X plant also generates surplus heat, which will be used in Aalborg Utility’s district heating network. It will also produce oxygen, which can be used in local industry or for medical purposes.

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