Qmerit deploys AI for faster, safer, accurate estimates for home EV charging installations

Qmerit, North America’s leading installer of home and business EV chargers and other clean energy technologies, is now harnessing a trained proprietary AI model to substantially streamline and speed the process of bringing EV charging, battery storage, and other clean energy systems to single and multifamily residences.

Panel Insights™, Qmerit’s latest innovation, leverages advanced AI algorithms to evaluate an electrical panel’s specifications, including available circuit spaces, number of tandem breakers, total electrical capacity and more, all from a single image of an electrical panel. Panel Insights can analyze and interpret an image of an electrical panel instantly.

Panel Insights was developed in collaboration with experts from the Schneider Electric “AI Hub” team whose role was pivotal in the design and development of Qmerit’s industry-first AI solution.

“Our goal is to support our industry partners with the latest digital innovations that help enable the deployment of new energy technologies,” said Schneider’s CTO for Innovation, Scott Harden. “By leveraging our own R&D capabilities combined with such advanced tools as Computer Vision and Microsoft Cognitive Services, we can support Qmerit’s ambition to truly enable their network with next-generation AI tools.”

The centerpiece of Qmerit’s AI solution suite is LoadCRE™ (Load Capacity Recommendation Engine) – which takes the results from Panel Insights to instantly calculate the available capacity in the breaker panel for EV chargers, heat pumps, electric water heating, and other electrification technologies to ensure the home electrical system is not overloaded.

LoadCRE leverages Qmerit’s domain and software development expertise to create sophisticated algorithms which automatically generate the electrical load calculation required for an electrical permit and identifies when a load management solution or a panel upgrade will be required before installing electrification equipment. This gives Qmerit’s electrical contractors a much faster, more reliable method for performing load calculations and reduces the need for a separate site visit by contractors.  

“We’ll share the transformative capabilities of our AI solutions, making it accessible to our industry partners for seamless integration, enhancing their customer experience,” said Qmerit founder and CEO Tracy K. Price.

“We’re harnessing one of today’s most complex technologies, AI, to help simplify the acquisition of home EV charging – encouraging more customers to make the switch to clean energy personal transportation. This technology represents a step-level change for our industry,” he added.

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