Superorganism: the venture firm pioneering biodiversity conservation through investment

A newly established venture firm, Superorganism, has emerged with a mission to invest in biodiversity and nature conservation. Co-founders Tom Quigley and Kevin Webb recognised the potential of venture capital as a tool to combat the decline in wildlife populations, prompting them to unite in pursuit of this crucial mission.

Currently, Superorganism is in the process of raising funds for its inaugural fund, targeting an ambitious goal of $25 million. The firm’s strategy revolves around investing in pre-seed and seed-stage companies, with investment amounts spanning from $500,000 to $3 million. Furthermore, Superorganism has made a firm commitment to allocate 10% of its profits towards supporting conservation initiatives.

Superorganism’s investment focus is structured around three key categories of startups: those actively advancing biodiversity and climate change adaptation, technologies designed to mitigate harm to biodiversity and prevent species extinction, and technologies that, indirectly, facilitate biodiversity conservation. The overarching objective is to provide support to startups poised to deliver returns typical of the venture capital landscape.

Among Superorganism’s portfolio companies is INVERSA Leathers, a startup specialising in the creation of genuine leather from invasive species. CEO Aarav Chavda commended Superorganism for its deep understanding of biodiversity and unwavering commitment to the cause. He believes there is substantial untapped value within biodiversity-focused technology.

Superorganism seeks to address a notable gap in the venture capital ecosystem, as startups in this arena have traditionally been categorised under climate tech or ag tech. By dedicating its efforts exclusively to biodiversity, Superorganism aims to attract founders actively engaged in tackling these critical challenges.

The founders are confident that the timing is opportune for a venture like Superorganism. Growing interest in supply chain transparency and the environmental impact of businesses has heightened awareness of the urgency to combat biodiversity loss. Quigley and Webb aspire to steer policy changes and generate momentum akin to the strides made in the field of climate tech.

In a world witnessing the decline of wildlife populations and escalating carbon emissions, Superorganism seeks to contribute significantly by supporting startups dedicated to preserving and rejuvenating our planet’s invaluable biodiversity.

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