Swedish port Wallhamn AB to become the first carbon negative port in the world?


Boson Energy has developed an innovative technology that enables local energy production using non-recyclable waste to generate electricity and green methanol. The utilization of green methanol as a substitute for fossil methanol in the chemical and plastics industry addresses environmental concerns while also meeting the growing demand in the marine sector. Importantly, both the electricity and fuel produced through Boson Energy’s process are carbon negative, as it facilitates the capture and utilization or storage of carbon dioxide in a clean and cost-effective manner.

In partnership with Wallhamn AB, Boson Energy intends to cater to the increasing energy and electricity requirements of the company, including vehicle charging and support for the local power grid whenever necessary. The conversion process yields only a glass slag as solid residue, which can be directly used as an environmentally friendly filling material or further processed into climate-smart insulation material with high circular resource efficiency.

For Wallhamn AB, this project represents an opportunity to expand its port operations and achieve its ambition of becoming the world’s first carbon-negative port. The local electricity production will enable not only the charging of all vehicles within the port but also those that are unloaded there, promoting fossil-free transportation. Additionally, the planned availability of electricity is expected to facilitate the expansion of port electrification by offering shore power connections to incoming vessels.

Torbjörn Wedebrand, CEO Wallhamn AB says: “This project creates very good conditions for our green transition and reliable energy supply – both for our own operations and for our customers. It will be an important part of growing our import/export business while at the same time achieving significant reductions in carbon dioxide emissions. In addition, the various products from Boson Energy’s integrated approach offer very interesting opportunities to develop the entire area around the port. For us, this is a flagship project, and many ports around the world are facing similar challenges.”

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