Can electrofuels help to decarbonise long-distance transportation?

While electric battery technology is expected to drive road vehicles away from reliance on fossil ...

How utilising synthetic aviation fuel can help save the planet

The world is facing a monumental challenge in tackling climate change, yet current forms of ...
sustainable aviation aircraft

Sustainable aircraft and logisitics gets funding boost in the UK

Cranfield University has been awarded £3.1 million to advance its sustainable aircraft and logistics research. ...

New ultralight liquid hydrogen fuel tanks extend flight range

HyPoint, the company developing zero carbon-emission turbo air-cooled hydrogen fuel cell systems for aviation and ...
Sustainable Aviation Fuel

DHL Express’ Sustainable Aviation Fuel partnership expanded

DHL Express and Neste have announced an expansion of their existing partnership, with the supply ...

Government-backed liquid hydrogen plane paves way for zero emission flight

Passengers could one day fly to the other side of the world with zero carbon ...

First in-flight 100 per cent sustainable-fuels emissions study of passenger jet shows early promise

Initial findings from a world-first study of the impact of 100 per cent sustainable aviation ...

The race to develop net-zero aviation fuel

With governments and activists ramping up pressure on airline companies to reduce their greenhouse gas ...

Supply of green hydrogen secured for zero emission aviation programme

A leading pioneer in zero emission aviation has secured a supply of green hydrogen to ...

Expert team developing simulator to accelerate the path to net-zero flight

Cambridge University has announced the launch of the Aviation Impact Accelerator (AIA), an international group ...

Pioneering project tests maintenance and ground processes of future aircraft generations

The aerospace industry is preparing for flying with hydrogen. In Hamburg, the world’s third-largest aviation ...

Global demand for aviation fuel still below pre-COVID levels

Global demand for aviation fuel stood 30 per cent below pre-pandemic levels in early June ...

EU carbon market emissions dropped in 2020

Greenhouse gas emissions from stationary installations regulated under the EU carbon market decreased by 12.6 ...

Protium secures funding through the future flight challenge

Protium Green Solutions, the UK‐based green hydrogen energy services company, has secured a significant grant ...

Neste and Avfuel create strategic partnership for sustainable aviation fuel

Neste and Avfuel Corporation announce a strategic partnership to create an efficient, continuous supply of ...

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