UN chief warns against sleepwalking to climate catastrophe

UN Secretary-General António Guterres has highlighted some of the progress made at COP 26 last ...

The global energy transition – now comes the hard part

Jamie Stewart, managing editor, energy at ICIS looks ahead at the work still needed to achieve our ...

Concession on fossil fuel wording leads to COP26 agreement

COP26 has concluded in Glasgow with nearly 200 countries agreeing the Glasgow Climate Pact to ...

UN director urges greater effort from built environment sector

In yesterday’s sessions Inger Andersen, under-secretary-general of the United Nations and executive director of the UN Environment Programme, called ...

Hydrogen heating – hype or hope?  

Current debates around the role of hydrogen in decarbonising the heating sector ignore some important ...

Build back smarter

Mark Coates, international director of public policy and advocacy, Bentley Systems and Mark Lenton, innovation consultant, SRO Solutions outline the need for data ...

The role buildings play in climate change will be under the microscope at COP26

Oliver Iltisberger, president of the smart buildings division at ABB, explains how the built environment can ...

Travel and tourism industry chart new, greener course

As the world continues its recovery from COVID-19, tourism, one of the industries hardest hit ...

The future is electric

Ben Mercer, e-commerce manager at Leisure Lakes Bikes asks will the rise in climate-conscious campaigning or the ...

Eighteen-point action plan to deliver net-zero

The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport CILT(UK), has outlined its 18-point action plan to combat emissions ...

UN-led partnership to accelerate electric mobility shift in 27 countries

With vehicle emissions in the headlights at COP26, the United Nations and Global Environment Facility (GEF) has announced plans ...

UK confirms pledge for zero-emission HGVs by 2040 and unveils new charge point design

All new heavy goods vehicles in the UK will be zero-emission by 2040, the UK ...

Reliance on electric cars to solve climate emergency would be a COP-out

A group of the UK’s leading sustainable transport NGOs is appealing to world leaders to ...

Clydebank Declaration for clean shipping welcomed by advocacy groups

Advocacy groups which promote the protection of oceans across the globe have welcomed the announcement ...

Affordable and accessible PV for eMobility

Neil Spann, chief executive officer at Power Roll, highlights the role that photovoltaic power can ...

Can carbon capture help us reach net zero emissions by 2050?

Climeworks share their insights in to how carbon capture works, and the potential for it ...

Digital nudges and rewards

Pilot projects show that engaging with customers individually to encourage them to shift energy use ...

Increasing the pace of decarbonization with green hydrogen

Stefano Innocenzi SVP new energy business at Siemens Energy explains why green hydrogen will play a pivotal role in ...

Strategy approved to significantly cut short-lived climate pollutants this decade

Ministers from 46 countries kicked off a new phase of the United Nations Environment Programme ...

$4 billion increased investment in climate-smart agriculture

The Agriculture Innovation Mission for Climate (AIM for Climate) – a major new initiative led by the United ...

Representatives from fossil fuel industry outnumber all other delegations at COP26

At least 503 fossil fuel lobbyists, said to be affiliated with some of the world’s ...
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