The future is electric

Ben Mercer, e-commerce manager at Leisure Lakes Bikes asks will the rise in climate-conscious campaigning or the ...

The hydrogen refuelling station: the essential elements

Chris Hampton, product & business development manager for hydrogen at BOC, explains how developing a ...

Are synthetic fuels the answer to reducing global carbon dioxide emissions?

As global greenhouse gases continue to rise, countries are looking to develop technologies that can ...

The race to develop net-zero aviation fuel

With governments and activists ramping up pressure on airline companies to reduce their greenhouse gas ...

Providing financing advisory support for hydrogen projects

The European Investment Bank (EIB) and Hydrogen Europe, an umbrella association representing European industry, research, ...

Global demand for aviation fuel still below pre-COVID levels

Global demand for aviation fuel stood 30 per cent below pre-pandemic levels in early June ...

Hydrogen given the green light as leading Islay distillery targets net zero by 2025

Protium Green Solutions, the UK‐based green hydrogen energy services company, has received more than £70,000 ...

Roundtable – EVs and the electricity sector: friends or foes?

It may still be early days, but the electric vehicle (EV) revolution is firmly underway. ...

Toyota strengthens strategic alliance in fuel cell bus business

Toyota Caetano Portugal (TCAP) has become the direct shareholder of two Portuguese companies to accelerate ...

New Cologne-Merheim power plant proves successful in commercial operation

The new Combined Heat and Power (CHP) facility at the Cologne-Merheim thermal power plant operated ...

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