A global climate change authority is needed

As COP26 commences, Greta Thunberg’s pillories of the COP process will reverberate in the ears of the world leaders ...

COP26 preview: Hope despite huge disruption

The 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) begins this Sunday (31/10) in Glasgow. This ...

Global emissions are set to surge to an all-time high

Global governments are deploying an unprecedented amount of fiscal support aimed at stabilising and rebuilding ...

Green investment spearheading the drive to a sustainable future

For the world to transition to a low-carbon future, substantial investment in the form of ...

COVID-19 and electrification bring hydrocarbon demand peak forward to 2027

Aggregate fossil fuel demand is set to peak in 2027 – with oil peaking in ...

Oxford Net Zero initiative launches to tackle global carbon emissions

The recently launched Oxford Net Zero initiative draws on the university’s world-leading expertise in climate ...

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