National initiative launched to support a circular economy for the UK battery market

Technology Minerals PLC (Technology Minerals), the first listed UK company focused on creating a sustainable ...

Partnership agreed to facilitate autonomous hybrid off-grid EV charging

Two companies have agreed to cooperate on the development of a joint project to integrate ...

The future is electric

Ben Mercer, e-commerce manager at Leisure Lakes Bikes asks will the rise in climate-conscious campaigning or the ...

UN-led partnership to accelerate electric mobility shift in 27 countries

With vehicle emissions in the headlights at COP26, the United Nations and Global Environment Facility (GEF) has announced plans ...

Reliance on electric cars to solve climate emergency would be a COP-out

A group of the UK’s leading sustainable transport NGOs is appealing to world leaders to ...

Affordable and accessible PV for eMobility

Neil Spann, chief executive officer at Power Roll, highlights the role that photovoltaic power can ...

Upgrading infrastructure to power switch to electric transport

Businesses need to upgrade their electric infrastructure today in order to power electric transport fleets ...

Power Management technology developed to revolutionise electric vehicle industry

A new power management division has been announced at TAE Technologies, dedicated to the development ...

Smart and secure energy solutions for future mobility and green energy transition

A new project with 30 participants from eight European countries will pave the way for ...

The race to zero-carbon motoring

The recent stay at home orders has highlighted the positive effects of less motoring on ...

New electric vehicle standards to advance UK battery manufacturing in support of cleaner transport

BSI, in its role as the UK National Standards Body, has published two standards as ...

Roundtable – EVs and the electricity sector: friends or foes?

It may still be early days, but the electric vehicle (EV) revolution is firmly underway. ...

Toyota strengthens strategic alliance in fuel cell bus business

Toyota Caetano Portugal (TCAP) has become the direct shareholder of two Portuguese companies to accelerate ...

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