UN-led partnership to accelerate electric mobility shift in 27 countries

With vehicle emissions in the headlights at COP26, the United Nations and Global Environment Facility (GEF) has announced plans ...

Reliance on electric cars to solve climate emergency would be a COP-out

A group of the UK’s leading sustainable transport NGOs is appealing to world leaders to ...

Auto leaders see future in hydrogen

Research by technology partner Expleo, reveals 71 per cent of UK automotive leaders believe hydrogen ...

Partnership to offer innovative EV charging and digital management solutions

Ohme, the intelligent electric vehicle charging company, have announced a partnership with Volvo in Benelux ...

Ohme App powers electric vehicle revolution with low-cost smart charging for drivers

The Ohme App is the latest technology from Ohme, the intelligent electric vehicle charging company ...

Building a grid fit for electric vehicles

David Hall, VP power systems UK & Ireland at Schneider Electric explains how utilities can support ...

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