Keeping up the pace of charging infrastructure

With EV sales growing at a faster rate than traditional ICE vehicles, the roll out of the charging infrastructure to support adoption is struggling to keep pace. There is an unprecedented opportunity for businesses with the right offering to capture a significant share of EV charging market. But this can only be achieved by providing the right charging facilities, in the right places, complemented by the appropriate retail experience.  Both fuel and non-fuel retailers are keen to stake their claim for the business of the EV driver, but many are yet to formulate a robust strategy.  Now is the time to act. We know from analysis of the EV customer profile that their expectations are different from those of conventional ICE drivers. Understanding EV consumers, their behaviours and travel patterns, and how the profile evolves as adoption grows, is key to formulating a data driven strategy to capitalize on the opportunity.

About Speaker
Anila Siraj

MD, Alternative Fuels


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